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FACTS Management - Accessing ParentsWeb 

STEP 1: Accessing ParentsWeb 

FACTS Management gives you, the busy parent, an opportunity to get more involved in your child’s academic progress and future success – all via the Internet!

ParentsWeb from FACTS is a private and secure parents’ portal that will allow parents to view academic information specific to their children, while protecting their children’s information from others. You may view your child’s grades, attendance, homework as well as other useful school information. You can also communicate with teachers and other school staff online whenever necessary. All you need is an Internet-capable computer.

Here’s how to access our easy-to-use ParentsWeb:

  1. In Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer go to www.factsmgt.com and click Parent Login, then select FACTS Family Online (ParentsWeb)

  2. Type the school's District Code: SHJM-WI

  3. Click Create New ParentsWeb Account.

  4. Type your email address and click Create Account.

  5. An email will be sent which includes a link to create your ParentsWeb login. The link is active for 6 hours.
  6. Select the Click to Create your ParentsWeb login link.

  7. A web browser displays your Name and RenWeb Person ID.

  8. Create a User Name, Password, and Confirm the password. 

  9. Click Save User Name and/or Password.

  10. A message displays at the top of the browser, "User Name/Password successfully updated.

You may now log in to ParentsWeb using your new User Name and Password.

STEP 2: Parents Web Portal
Updating Your Information

  1. Go to https://shjm-wi.client.renweb.com/pwr/ If you haven’t already done so, please create a new Parents Web Account and see the “Accessing Parents Web” for guidance. 

  2. Log in using the district code SHJM-WI and the username and password you set up via the emailed link in the account creation process. 

  3. When you log in, you will be brought to the home page.

  4. Click on Family in the left navigation menu. 

  5. Click on the pencil tool to edit your Contact Info. Use the center dropdown box to select a spouse or other family member to update as needed.

  6. Next, update all other pertinent information by clicking on the “Family Demographic Form” in the bottom left corner. 
This will bring you to a series of forms we need each family to review and update. Including emergency contacts, medical information and parent(s) work information. 

Please make sure to update all information for each family member by August 16th. 

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