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Shop With Scrip and Support St. Ann School

St. Ann’s Home & School Association works hard to identify ways to raise funds that fulfill the mission of supporting our school community, and we believe it is important that those efforts don’t always put additional financial stress on school families. That is why programs like Great Lakes Scrip (scrip gift cards) and others in which we engage, such as Market Day, Just Coffee and Trash to Treasure, are perfect fundraising add-ons because they generate funds from purchases that families are already making and/or activities in which they are already participating. This allows us to minimize reliance on traditional fundraisers that involve selling or spending extra money and focus our efforts on a few, special events or other larger activities to raise the majority of funds required.

With scrip fundraising, families can easily earn funds for St. Ann School while they shop. The way it works is that families purchase and use scrip gift cards for everyday purchases – purchases they are already making and have budgeted for - and they earn a rebate on each one at no additional cost. It seems too good to be true – but more and more St. Ann’s families are figuring scrip purchases into their regular monthly budget and profits from the program have soared!

Here’s an example of how it works:

  • The Smith family’s monthly budget includes $300 in groceries, $150 in gas, $125 in incidental purchases and $100 for clothing and household items.  
  • At the beginning of the month, they purchase scrip gift cards for those exact amounts for vendors they frequent for the purchases using the convenient, online “shopwithscrip” website ($300 Pick N Save +$150 Kwik Trip +$125 Walgreens + $100 Kohl’s = $675). They use those gift cards through the course of the month – or until they have spent all the funds on the cards, to buy what they need for their family.
  • At the time of purchase, each of the four vendors – three of which are right in Stoughton! - offers a rebate on the cost of the cards and Great Lakes Scrip, the company that manages the program, deposits that rebated amount into the St. Ann’s account. Here’s how it breaks out:




Value of Gift Card
(amount available for spending)

Kwik Trip (9% rebate)




Walgreens (8%)




Kohls (5%)




Pick N Save (4%)








  • In this example, St. Ann’s would realize a $40.50 donation thanks to the Smith family and the family has not spent one single penny more than what their budget allocated. 

Consider these advantages to using Scrip:

  • Convenience. Order scrip at your convenience from anywhere with internet access.
  • Full Selection. See all the available brands and denominations at a glance
  • Immediate Delivery. Order and print ScripNow® eCards right from your ShopWithScrip account, or reload funds onto gift cards you already own. You can also order traditional gift cards and have them delivered right to St. Ann’s for pick up (for personal use OR for gift giving!).
  • In-Depth Information. Access your own purchase and rebate history.

Anyone from the St. Ann’s community can create a free ShopWithScrip account in just a few easy steps. Contact Scrip coordinator, Jim Opitz at to get an enrollment code and you’ll be ready to start the simple registration process. Once you have your enrollment code, click hereto sign up!

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