Family Handbook
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St. Ann Family Handbook

St. Ann's School Family Handbook

Vision Statement:

To foster a Christ-centered Catholic Community rooted in knowledge, service and love.

Mission Statement:

We, as members of the St. Ann Catholic School family aligned to the pillars of the Catholic Faith, are devoted to the Holy Father’s mission of nurturing spiritual growth, academic excellence and compassionate leadership. We live the Gospel message of Christ to be faith-filled, lifelong learners committed to teaching, praying, serving and loving.


Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to the new school year! As the year begins, I want to congratulate you on making this important decision to send your child to St. Ann Catholic Elementary and Middle School. Thank you for your determination and commitment to making a Catholic education a priority in the life of your child.

Our staff works diligently to develop our students’ skills and knowledge which are the basis of a strong academic program. In addition, we offer experiences and opportunities to grow spiritually, mentally and emotionally in a caring, supportive Christian environment.

You have chosen our school because you recognize the importance of nurturing Christian values and attitudes that will influence your child throughout life. St. Ann’s provides the faith atmosphere which is supportive of the development of Catholic family values. The faculty/staff and I thank you for choosing St. Ann School for your child. We enjoy working with all our students and are committed to providing them an excellent education that will truly prepare them for high school and beyond.

This family/student handbook is intended to provide “everything you ever wanted and needed to know” about St. Ann School. It contains a summary of all school policies, procedures and regulations and is intended to serve as a resource for your family. 

Together, you at home and we at school share the responsibility and the joy of preparing your child for the future... a future in which we keep Christ in the center of our family, our education and our lives.

I look forward to working with you and your child this school year. May God bless you and your family!


Kara Roisum
St. Ann School Principal

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St. Ann's Family Handbook

Catholic schools make a unique contribution to today’s Church and society by providing a God-centered education rooted in the Roman Catholic tradition. The school in cooperation and partnership with parents/guardians and in the context of the Catholic community strives to assist the student to relate faith and Gospel teachings to all aspects of human knowledge and life.

Development of a Catholic Christian identity in the students is a basic aim of the Catholic school community. Religious instruction and formative experiences are a primary and essential part of the school’s program directed toward leading the student to deepening their faith commitment to Christ. Direct catechesis as well as involvement in liturgical and sacramental prayer and worship is both formative and instructional for the student.

The environment of the school is created primarily by the people of faith: students, parents/guardians, staff and pastor, who build the school community. It is within this setting that the fourfold dimensions of Catholic education: message, community, worship and service, become a reality. The focus of the Catholic school program is not merely the attainment of knowledge but the acquisition of values and the discovery of truth. This focus includes the higher level thinking processes, critical judgment and decision-making that enhance the student’s responsible use of freedom, based upon Gospel values. The school program must concern itself with the whole child in development that is fully human and thoroughly Catholic. The school’s curriculum focus is student-centered with a continuous progress emphasis that reverences the dignity of the student and serves the individual’s developmental growth needs. Moreover, the development of Christian values as well as the principles of Church teachings on morality, justice and life issues permeate and integrate all the subject areas and experiential dimensions of the curriculum.

(References: Church in the Modern World; Declaration of Christian Education; Visions and Values in the Catholic School; The Catholic School; Sharing the Light of Faith and To Teach As Jesus Did)

St. Ann School is a Catholic, parochial school, 4K through Grade 8. The staff of St. Ann School recognizes that each child, regardless of race, color or creed, is a unique individual created by God, loved and redeemed by Christ and sanctified by the Holy Spirit. The school as a cooperative agent shares with the parents the responsibility of the child’s education.

St. Ann School provides its students with a holistic education through a curriculum that encompasses the vision and values of a Christian community. The program focuses on the development of the whole person, helping students to become all that God has called them to be in their spiritual, psychological, academic, social, cultural, physical and emotional development. This experience includes an emphasis on experiences and methods of prayer and reflection, moral values, self-discipline, social responsibility, cooperation, good study habits and an awareness of and reverence for all creation.

The faculty and staff of St. Ann School seek to create a caring family atmosphere in which students can demonstrate knowledge and mastery of age appropriate content; think critically, constructively and creatively; solve problems, communicate effectively; work collaboratively, be proficient in research and retrieval skills, employ logical decision-making skills and be involved in community service. With such preparation, students will be equipped to address the challenges of the ever changing, complex society of the 21st century.

Admission Requirements

Admission requirements for St. Ann School are as follows:

  1. A child entering the SASD sponsored 4K Program at St. Ann School must be four years of age by September 1. Students who complete SASD's 4K program are NOT permitted to repeat the program under any circumstances. Registration for the 4K Program happens in February through the SASD. Site requests are on a first come, first serve basis, and placement is determined by mid-May. All registrants must present an original birth certificate.
  2. A child entering Kindergarten must be five years of age by September 1. All registrants must present an original birth certificate and a baptismal certificate.
  3. Students currently enrolled at St. Ann School shall have the privilege to register for each succeeding year.
  4. Registration for new students shall take place beginning in March for the upcoming school year. First priority for new student registration will be given to active members of St. Ann Parish. After Kindergarten, families wishing to enroll their children at St. Ann’s for the first time must complete an Admissions Application which includes information regarding assessments, such as report cards or standardized tests, as well as any additional assessments or screenings administered by the previous school and/or district. In addition, parents will be asked to list any special accommodations or diagnosed learning and/or emotional needs. Finally, parents will be asked to provide their religious denomination or affiliation and reason for enrollment.
  5. All health records including immunizations must be current in compliance with the State of Wisconsin health guidelines.

The staff members of St. Ann School desire our students to have the best educational experience possible. One essential component for a successful educational experience is regular attendance at school. Therefore, it is important that students arrive at school on time and attend a full day of school every day. St. Ann School begins classes at 7:50 a.m. Any student arriving after 7:50 a.m. is considered tardy, with the exception of a late-arriving bus. A student arriving after 7:50 a.m. must stop in the office and sign in with the school secretary.

Students in Grades 1-8 are to assemble near their lockers when they arrive at school. We ask that the parents or guardians of 4K and Kindergarten students walk their children to their classrooms. Students are not to arrive at school before 7:35 a.m. as the first bell rings at 7:45 a.m. No student may leave the school premises at any time for any purpose without the written authorization of their parent or guardian and the signed approval of the office staff.

No student is released unless the office knows the reason for the release and the person to whom the student is released. The school accepts no responsibility for any student who leaves the premises without permission. Any student who leaves the premises without permission will be subject to disciplinary action.

In the event a student should become ill while at school, the school office personnel will notify the parents or guardians. In the event the parents cannot be reached within a reasonable amount of time, a call will be made to the contact person on the student’s emergency card. Those contacted are then expected to pick up the student or to make other suitable arrangements for pickup.

In the event that a student will be absent from school, the parents or guardians must notify the office by phone in order for the student to be marked as an excused absence. Siblings of the absent student may not report the student absent under any circumstance. If no call is received from the parents or guardians, the Administrative Assistant will call to verify the absence. If a doctor is visited, it is recommended that written documentation from the doctor’s office be submitted to the school to be kept in the student’s file. In total, a student may be excused by the parents or guardians for 10 full or partial days for the school year. Beyond the 10 days, parents or guardians will need to provide the school with documented evidence in order for the student to be marked excused. The following list constitutes approved reasons for possible additional absences:
  1. The student is not in proper physical or psychological condition to attend school. Parents or guardians will be asked to obtain a written statement from a physician or licensed practitioner as proof of the physical or psychological condition of the student. Such excuse shall be in writing and shall state the period of time (not to exceed 30 days from the date of absence(s)) for which it is valid.
  2. Medical or academic sessions as part of on-going treatment that cannot be scheduled outside of the school day.
  3. A family emergency or crisis, such as a funeral, which requires the absence of the student due to family responsibilities.
  4. Special events, such as religious celebrations.
  5. School-sponsored events, including those sponsored by the Stoughton School District, such as band rehearsals, athletic events, etc.
  6. Out of school suspension.
  7. Special circumstances that demonstrate good cause and are approved by the Principal in advance.

A student who receives more than 10 undocumented absences will be considered truant, and the parents or guardians, Principal, and Pastor will meet to develop an agreed upon plan. Should the student fail to meet the requirements, the Principal will contact the Stoughton Truancy Officer to make a home visit. As a result of such visit, the parents or guardians may incur a ticket and/or be required to make a court appearance. In the event that the student continues to incur unexcused absences, another meeting between the family, Principal, and Pastor will be scheduled to discuss the student’s continued enrollment at St. Ann’s.

If a child is absent from school, he/she is responsible for the work missed. Requests for homework for the absent students should be made to the school office. If for some legitimate reason your child did not complete his/her homework, a written note signed by the parent or guardian should be sent to school. A list of student assignments can be accessed on FACTS.

Finally, vacations during the school year are highly discouraged; however, St. Ann’s recognizes that work schedules may make it necessary to take a vacation when school is in session. If this occurs, parents must assume responsibility if their child(ren) fall behind in academic achievement due to extended absences for vacation. In the event of such a vacation plan, parents must notify the school office and the homeroom teacher in writing no less than two weeks in advance of the date. Teachers may or may not have work available prior to a vacation, and students will be responsible for all assignments missed due to their absence from school. It is up to the teacher to decide if any assessments missed during the vacationing period be completed immediately upon the student’s return to school.

The original EPA AHERA asbestos inspection, management plan documents and additional information pertaining to response actions activities, post-response activities and periodic surveillance for St. Ann School are available for review in the principal’s office.

The primary purpose of St. Ann School is to create a positive, Christ-centered learning environment where children thrive emotionally, spiritually, socially, and academically. The school endeavors to be proactive in its attitude toward discipline, adopting and supporting rules of conduct that support its efforts to teaching the skills of self-discipline and positive behavior choices. The staff at St. Ann’s understands that there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” policy and that any behavior plan must reflect the social and emotional maturity of the age group for which it is created. In addition, the policies and regulations of St. Ann School must clearly express the priority given to the dignity, respect, and reverence of and for the student. Consequently, students are expected to make positive behavior choices that promote their safety, the safety of others, and a productive learning environment. Therefore, it is imperative that all families learn and abide by the policies set forth in the Behavior Management Plan. The principal, counselor, teachers, students, staff, and parents all share the responsibility for administering and carrying out this plan and understand that the principal and/or pastor are the ultimate overseers of all plans; therefore, any disciplinary measures are subject to their discretion. As a commitment to St. Ann’s mission, all families are asked to sign and return the Code of Conduct Agreement form included in the handbook.

In order for every student to have the opportunity to reach his or her highest potential, students at St. Ann School, are expected to:

  1. Respect God, selves, parents, staff, fellow students, and visitors
  2. Take pride in themselves, their work, their school, and their community
  3. Respect individual and school property
  4. Obey requests by any adult in the school
  5. Take responsibility for their own actions
  6. Attend school faithfully, complete their assignments on time, and work to their highest potential
  7. Come to school and class on time, with proper materials, ready to do the best work they can do
  8. Behave in a manner that does not disrupt classroom learning or the operation of the school
  9. Provide an atmosphere free of harassment and aggressive behavior

Parents, teachers, and administrators will work with students to establish guidelines for acceptable behavior. Students are required to know what is expected of them and the responsibility they share with their parents to maintain a positive education. When inappropriate behavior disrupts the learning and school environment, the teachers and principal will take appropriate action.

St. Ann School’s Discipline Goals

  1. To help students develop self-respect as a creation of God
  2. To help students develop respect for others and their property
  3. To help students see the need for self-discipline
  4. To guide students toward choices that lead to appropriate behavior(s)

Grades K-4
Children in Grades K-4 are expected to learn and follow the rules established in each classroom and develop good self-control. In this way, all students will be able to enjoy a positive learning environment and to avoid the need for disciplinary action. Each teacher has established clear guidelines, procedures, and consequences for behavior contrary to expectations. In the event students are unable to abide by classroom policies and procedures, both in or out of the classroom environment, additional steps will be taken to include the principal and/or pastor, parents, and any additional resources available to the parents and school. Participants will work together to develop a Behavioral Plan and timeline to meet and discuss the student’s successes and needs and make revisions when necessary. In the rare case when a Behavioral Plan is no longer successful in creating a positive learning and/or emotional experience for the student or classroom, the family may be asked to withdraw their child from St. Ann’s.

Grades 5-8
Children in Grades 5-8 are expected to understand and follow the policies and guidelines defined within each class and school as a whole. The discipline rubric and code of conduct has been constructed for all stakeholders to work together to review and understand St. Ann School’s goals for responsibility and behavior. If a student chooses to make an inappropriate behavior choice, it will be dealt with by a logical plan, which will include reflecting upon the most appropriate behavior which could have been exhibited. The Student Behavior and Response rubric will be implemented for students who make choices contrary to policies. When the rubric is used, consequences such as detention or suspension may result. A detailed outline of the rubric is provided below as well as procedures.

Discipline terms and procedures:

Detention requires a student to report to and remain at the place designated by a teacher or principal. In the event that a student receives a detention, parents or guardians will receive a written notification of the reason and the date the detention will be served. Detentions will be held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 7:30am -7:50am, during lunch recess, or 3:20pm – 4:05pm. While serving a detention, students will be under supervision at all times. If there is an off day, then detention will be held on the next available school day. The administrator and/or the detention supervisor can make the detention a working detention or a classroom detention where the missed homework and assignments are completed. Detention times may range from 20 to 45 minutes in length, depending on occurrence and behavior category. If a student is assigned more than one detention on the same day, at the same time, one of them must be served the next available date. It is the student's responsibility to coordinate this with the teachers or principal. Students who are absent or tardy to detention or otherwise disruptive may be subject to further disciplinary action. Once served, parents will receive a Behavior Report and a conference with parents/guardians may be arranged at any time If a student is not making positive behavior choices. Behavior reports are intended to help facilitate conversations among the child, parents and school staff so we can work together as partners in your child's education.  

Suspensions come from the principal and may be served in or out of school. Depending on the severity of the infraction, an out of school suspension may be invoked immediately, requiring parents to meet on short notice. For other suspensions, parents and guardians will be provided written notification of the suspension, along with the reason(s). Within one school day of the assigned suspension, teachers will have prepared assignments and placed them in the administration office for pick-up by parents. Assignments will be graded as though the student was in class. Tests, quizzes, and exams given during the suspension must be made up within three days of the student's return from suspension. While on suspension, students may not participate in any school activity and cannot be on campus for any activities, including any H&S organized events held outside of regular school hours. The suspended student and parents/guardians must meet with the teacher, principal and pastor prior to his/her return to school.

Specific Prohibited Behaviors
The school expects you to know and follow laws and rules that you apply at home and in the community. The handbook does not include all expected and prohibited behaviors, but rather focuses on school-specific standards.

Classroom Misconduct
Each teacher will establish classroom rules and enforcement procedures. Students have a responsibility to be appropriate, active participants in the learning process.

Hallway or Common Area Misconduct
Students are to conduct themselves in an orderly manner when passing between classes. Students will go directly to classes and make every effort to use the restroom facilities during the passing period between classes or at lunch. Individual teachers establish policies for allowing students to leave their classroom during class time.

Cafeteria Misconduct
During lunch you are expected to:

  1. Follow the lunch line order
  2. Talk at a normal conversation level
  3. Stay seated unless putting away your tray and trash or exiting to the play area
  4. Deposit all trash in appropriate containers
  5. Return trays and silverware to appropriate place

During lunch you are NOT supposed to:

  1. Run, chase or engage in physically unsafe activity
  2. Leave the cafeteria before the bell rings to go to your locker
  3. Hang out in the hallways or other unsupervised areas of the school

Bullying and Teasing
St. Ann School is a place of non-violence and has a no tolerance policy when dealing with bullying. Bullying is NOT just "a part of life" or a "normal part of growing up." Bullying usually involves three individuals or groups: the bully, the victim and the bystander. Bullying is repeated, aggressive behavior towards one person from another person or group of people--and it is hurtful. It might be shoving, name-calling, shunning, lunch-stealing or even gossiping. We, at St. Ann School, are taking an active part in preventive bullying in our school. Any actions or behaviors that result in bullying or teasing will not be tolerated and will be dealt with according to the Student Behavior and Response rubric.

Physically Dangerous Behavior
Running, wrestling, throwing objects, pushing, shoving, inappropriate touching, and horseplay on school grounds are not acceptable behaviors, even if intended as a “joke.” Students physically intimidating classmates in this manner will be disciplined.

If a student feels uncomfortable with the actions of another student, he or she should first tell the other that the actions are not appropriate. If the behavior continues, the student must report the harassment to an adult employee or authorized volunteer at the school.

Food, Drink, and Gum Rules
You may carry drink containers and wrapped or sealed food in the hallways when you are transporting it to a locker or to the cafeteria for lunch. As a general rule, food, drinks (with the exception of a water bottle) and gum are not allowed in classrooms unless the teacher makes specific exceptions. Students may not leave their classrooms to eat at their lockers and bulk snacks are prohibited.

Improper Computer/Cell Phone Use
The "St. Ann Computer Acceptable Use Agreement" signed by you and your parents/guardians must be on file at St. Ann’s before you may use a school computer, including laptops and Chromebooks. Unauthorized access to a computer, unauthorized copying to or from a computer, entry into non-authorized websites (such as social media, chat, or game sites), and any actions that interfere with an authorized user’s access are serious offenses that will call for the student's actions to be evaluated by the school administration. The falsification of personal information, in order to create “alter ego” accounts on websites, including any social media sites, during school hours or with the use of a school email are in violation of school policy and may result in the forfeiture of the student’s St. Ann Google Educator account as well as possible suspension or expulsion. Student-owned cell phones are occasionally permitted for academic purposes only and must otherwise be kept in lockers or collected in class during the school day. Cell phones may not be accessed during classroom hours when a student is expected to be in a classroom unless given specific permission. Any messages that need to be communicated to students during the school day should be directed to the office for delivery, not via text or phone to the student. Students who violate this policy may risk having their cell phone confiscated and/or banned from school permanently.

Inappropriate Language
Swearing, cursing, use of bad or inappropriate language and taking the Lord's name in vain (i.e. using "God" or "Jesus" in anything but respectful references) are totally unacceptable! This also includes racist, sexist, or anti-Semitic remarks to or about others. Repeat offenders will be subjected to the Student Behavior and Response rubric below.

Student Behavior and Response

Behaviors and consequences are categorized under three levels based primarily on severity. Please be aware that based upon the seriousness of the behavior, the teacher and/or principal may elect to change the level of behavior to a more serious one and respond accordingly. Any specific misbehavior not included in the list below of Prohibited Behaviors will be categorized by the principal as the incidents occur.

First Level Behaviors: These behaviors are initially handled by individual teachers or staff and warrant discipline after repeated incidents or if initial incidents are severe.

Examples include:

  1. Cheating or being dishonest
  2. refusing to cooperate with school policies and rules
  3. disrupting classroom instruction and learning
  4. leaving class without permission
  5. throwing objects or showing careless regard for school property
  6. dress code violations
  7. inappropriate language that does not intentionally hurt another person horseplay with no intent to harm
  8. using cell phone during instructional time
  9. any other misconduct that results in a staff member’s need to address a violation

Consequences include but are not limited to:

  1. verbal warning
  2. parent notification
  3. administrator notification
  4. detention
  5. suspension

Second Level Behaviors: These behaviors are handled by teachers and principal and are considered more serious in nature.

Examples include:

  1. initial reports of bullying and/or harassment of another student
  2. refusing to cooperate with teachers or being belligerent to support staff
  3. repeatedly and excessively displaying total disregard for school property
  4. stealing items or money from staff or other students
  5. repeated use of inappropriate language, obscene gestures, or nonverbal threats toward other students or faculty and staff without the threat of bodily harm
  6. use of unauthorized items after warnings

Consequences include but are not limited to:

  1. parent notification
  2. parent/staff meeting
  3. detention
  4. suspension

Third Level Behaviors: These behaviors are considered severe and warrant detention or suspension.

Examples include:

  1. incidents of bullying or harassment, either verbal or physical, of another student, including hitting, spitting, making or spreading of “hit” lists or remarks regarding a person’s gender, heritage, or identity, or other forms of action that have the intent to incite fear, intimidation, or humiliation
  2. disorderly, violent, or threatening conduct of a serious nature that significantly disrupts school activity
  3. serious threats toward a staff member, volunteer, or visitor
  4. stealing money or property
  5. vandalism of school property
  6. using personal or school technology to post inappropriate, slanderous, or offensive pictures or remarks about other students, families, or school personnel during or after school days
  7. posting during or outside of school time offensive material on social media sites, including words and/or pictures that are racist, anti-semitic, prejudiced, or are counter to the mission of the school and/or Catholic teachings
  8. any serious misconduct not otherwise addressed within this Plan that directly or indirectly jeopardizes the health, safety or property of a school, school personnel, other students, one’s self, or other individuals who are present or acting within the school’s jurisdiction

In the case of a third level of behavior resulting in suspension, the student is automatically sent to the office and parents are called. A written notification will be emailed and a time scheduled to meet for discussion. Depending upon the severity, parents may be asked to take the child home immediately following the infraction. Within 24 hours, the principal will meet with all those involved and staff members will work with the principal and pastor to determine the intervention and length of suspension. Prior to being allowed to return to school, another meeting with the student and parents must take place with the principal and pastor and any teachers involved.

Bicycles are permitted as a mode of transportation to and from school from students in Grades 3 through 8. Students riding bicycles to school should be carefully instructed regarding traffic rules and safety precautions. Students riding bicycles are asked to walk their bicycles on school grounds and park them in the bike rack. For the safety of all students, bicycles may not be ridden on the school grounds. Parents and guardians are reminded that students bring bicycles to school at their own risk and that bicycles should be locked throughout the school day.

No skateboards, scooters or roller blades are allowed during school hours.

All outstanding bills for Hot Lunch, Extended Before and After School Care and tuition will be invoiced once a month. Lunch and tuition account balances are available on TeacherEase.

When a student has a birthday, his/her name will be announced over the PA on his/her special day. His/her name will also be present on the monthly birthday bulletin board.

Students may bring a treat to share with their class. Because food allergies can pose a life-threatening risk to some students, please consult with your child’s teacher regarding any presence of food allergies within his/her class. Please be aware that peanut and/or tree nut snacks and treats are no longer permitted in the classroom. Parents and guardians are asked to discuss the birthday treat with the child’s homeroom teacher so a convenient time to share this treat can be arranged.

Birthday gifts such as a library book or indoor recess game are also special ways to celebrate your child’s birthday. Balloon bouquets, flowers and other such gifts are discouraged and will be kept in the school office until the end of the school day. We would ask that birthday party invitations not be brought to school for distribution.

All students enrolled in morning 4K as well as grades Kindergarten through Grade 8, not residing in the city of Stoughton and/or living more than two miles from school in Wisconsin, are entitled to school bus transportation provided by the Stoughton Area School District.

Students are expected to be courteous and to obey the rules and instructions of the bus driver at all times. Students who are unable to conduct themselves appropriately will lose bus transportation privileges.

Misconduct on the bus will be handled in the following manner:

  1. First offense... the student will be warned
  2. Second offense... parents will be notified
  3. Third offense... loss of riding privileges 

If a student misses the bus, the student must report to the school office immediately. The student’s parent/guardian will be contacted to discuss transportation home. If necessary, students will be placed in the Extended Care Program until 5:30 p.m. at the parent’s/guardian’s expense.

At the beginning of the school year, each family will receive a school calendar as well as a list of activities held throughout the year. In addition, a detailed monthly calendar will be distributed each month. In general, St. Ann’s follows the Stoughton Public School calendar, but occasionally exceptions are made.

Please notify the school office promptly concerning any change of address, email, phone number or emergency information. This courtesy will keep our records current.

Under Wisconsin State Statue 48.981, the reporting of suspected physical abuse, sexual abuse and neglect are required of educational and health care professionals. St. Ann School staff members are mandated reporters and will comply with these reporting procedures.

Students in Grades 1 through Grade 6 are invited to be a member of the Angel Choir. Choir practice is held once a week on Tuesday right after school. In addition, when offered, students in Grades 6-8 are invited to join the school’s Middle School Choir which meets once a week in Healy Hall.

Family involvement in school and church is critical to maintaining St. Ann's high level of excellence. We invite you to become involved with the faculty/staff and other parents or guardians of St. Ann School so the school can continue to grow. We encourage families to attend weekly Masses, sacramental meetings and celebrations, Open Houses, Parent Education Nights, Catholic Schools Week activities, concerts, Home and School Association functions and other planned events throughout the school year. See Home & School Association for required participation in volunteer committees. 

If a concern should arise from a situation involving a student and/or parent/guardian, and faculty or staff, the expected channel for communication shall be made from the parent, guardian or student to the staff member directly involved, to the administration and finally to the pastor. Every effort will be made to resolve the concern at the earliest level.

Students and parents of Grades 1-8 will be required to sign a Computer Acceptable Use Policy. The policy governs computer usage, use of the Internet and all online accounts. If this agreement is violated, a student’s computer usage will be suspended.

Each year the Music Department performs two special concerts for the families of St. Ann School: the Advent Concert in December as well as the Spring Concert in April or May. The concerts are scheduled at the beginning of the school year and are listed on the Events Calendar in the summer mailing. These concerts are an important part of the music curriculum and performance assessment, and, therefore, ALL STUDENTS are expected to attend these two events, and families are expected to make arrangements to allow their child(ren) to be present for the evenings. If the child(ren) cannot attend due to an unexpected illness or emergency, the school shall be notified. Absence due to an athletic or vacation commitment is considered unexcused, and the child(ren)’s grade will be affected as a result.

Rather than strict confidentiality in regard to student-school employee communication (verbal and written), St. Ann School operates under “a spirit of confidentiality.” This means that outside of the sacramental confidentiality between priest and penitent, strict confidentiality cannot be promised to the student if the information disclosed by the student includes, but is not limited to, one of the following:

  1. Information that concerns violation of the law
  2. Matters involving the health and safety of the student or any person
  3. Serious moral issues
  4. Any other matter that raises serious enough concern in the mind of the employee that 
he/she believes it is important to share the information with the school administrator

The school administration may choose to disclose the information to parents/guardians, legal authorities, medical personnel or other deemed necessary personnel.

A teacher may be contacted by telephone and/or email during the school day. If a teacher is with students, a voice mail message may be left. Contacting teachers via their personal cell phone is prohibited unless the teacher has given permission to be contacted in such manner.

Parent or guardian requests for a conference to discuss a student concern or discipline issue must be initiated through the school office. Parents or guardians are asked not to “drop in” on a teacher unexpectedly to discuss such concerns. Teachers are available to meet with parents or guardians after school until 3:30 p.m. to ask questions or pick up assignments due to an absence, preferably with a 24-hour notice for request of such a meeting. If needed, teachers and parents may make separate and agreed upon arrangements for meetings requiring more time.

Students in Grades 5-8 are invited to be members of the St. Ann School Drama Club. The mission of the St. Ann School Drama Club is to enrich the lives of the students of St. Ann School by providing access and exposure to high quality musicals for young audiences. The Drama Club provides a safe, educational and creative outlet for the development of each child’s artistic talents and will provide a meaningful experience of working with his/her peers as their talents are shared. Auditions are usually held in March with the performance being shared in May in the auditorium at Stoughton High School or other local venues.

In preparation for the performance, students are expected to maintain the academic and behavioral expectations of their teachers as well as drama directors. Students whose progress falls below a C- will become ineligible to participate in rehearsals until their grades improve. More information can be found in the drama information packet provided at the beginning of tryouts.

The dress of students for school is a parent/guardian responsibility. St. Ann School staff supports a manner of dress which is appropriate for the learning environment. The clothing worn to school should reflect our Christian values and should not be used as a status symbol or a measure of one’s worth.

The following expectations govern the dress of students attending St. Ann School:

  1. All clothing must reflect Christian Values. 
  2. All dresses and skirts must be modest and age appropriate. Leggings and yoga pants are NOT permitted for grades K-8, unless covered by a skirt or tunic that adheres to the same guidelines as skirts and dresses (Must fall no less than 3" above the knee). For younger grades, leggings are allowed but MUST be worn with a long top that covers the backside.
  3. Shorts may be worn after April 1 and until November 1 and must be within 3 inches of the knee in length. Solid color athletic shorts in navy, royal blue, white, black, tan/khaki or denim - without visible logos or stripes are allowed but must comply with the required length (not less than 3# above the knee). Shorter athletic shorts, such as running shorts, may only be worn during gym class and must be changed afterward. Dress code-compliant shorts may be worn at Mass.
  4. Jeans and dress pants with no rips or tears may be worn at any time. Loose-fitting "Joggers" consisting of heavier denim or khaki material may also be worn. 
  5. School Mass is a special time to express our reverence for Christ. On Mass days, all students are required to wear their St. Ann School designated logo wear (tops, rompers, dresses, sweaters are available for purchase) for the duration of the school day. For boys, the following is also required: a nice pair of solid dress pants or jeans (without rips or tears) or uniform shorts (April 1- Oct. 31). For girls, the following is required: skirt, dress, or dress slacks/jeans (without rips or tears) or uniform shorts (April 1- Oct. 31). Please remember that sweat pants, sweatshirts, and other athletic wear may not be worn on Mass days. 
  6. Tennis shoes and leather dress shoes are encouraged, and Tennis shoes MUST be worn for recess and on gym days. Students should have a change of shoes for indoor wear on inclement weather days, including winter days. Shoes and boots worn as outdoor wear are not permitted in the classroom. Sandals may be worn if a heal strap is included. Flip flops and excessive high heels are not permitted as wearing them may lead to student injury.
  7. The following articles of clothing are not permitted: tank tops, muscle shirts, short crop tops, halter tops, spaghetti strap tops, spandex or short shorts, ripped jeans, miniskirts, clothing with any form of drug, alcohol, anti Christian slogans or images or shirts with inflammatory or derogatory pictures or statements; any accessory that draws distractive attention to a student, including excessive make-up. No hats or head gear of any type may be worn during the school day unless for special occasions.

The St. Ann School dress code applies throughout the school year including any field trip, unless otherwise designated. For field trips, teachers may request that students wear their logo wear and will notify families on the field trip form. Students in violation of the dress code will be given one verbal warning. Afterward, a parent will be called and asked to bring a change of clothing. Repeated violation will result in appropriate action as outlined in the Student Behavior and Response rubric. Thank you in advance for taking responsibility for your child(ren)’s wearing of appropriate school clothing.

Students of St. Ann School are prohibited from using or being under the influence of alcohol or drugs while at school or at any school related function. Included within the prohibitions set forth are the following:
  1. Use, possession, manufacture, distribution, dispensation or sale of drugs, drug paraphernalia or alcohol on school premises or at school related activities.
  2. Storing in a locker, desk, book bag, automobile or other repository on school premises or in connection with school related activities any drugs, drug paraphernalia or alcohol.
  3. Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol on school premises or in connection with any school related activities.

St. Ann School reserves the right to require a student to undergo testing for the use of alcohol and/ or drugs when a reasonable suspicion of such use exists. A reasonable suspicion of drug and/or alcohol use may be based upon the observation of the student’s behavior, information received regarding alleged alcohol or drug use and/or other indications giving rise to a suspicion.

No student is permitted to carry drugs, alcohol, tobacco, cigarettes, matches, lighters and similar objects on the school premises. In the event of an infraction, the offender may be suspended from school. The parents or guardians, student, principal and pastor will meet to determine further disciplinary action.

The names and addresses of both parents and guardians will be in the student’s file. Unless otherwise decreed, information commonly made available to parents or guardians of any student will be provided to both parents and guardians.

The St. Ann School Education Commission provides the leadership necessary to ensure the total Christian development of the students of St. Ann School. The St. Ann School Education Commission is a consultative committee to the pastor and to the parish educational administrators. Members of the School Education Commission are asked to serve three year terms. Meetings are open to the parish community to attend. If you wish to present anything to the Commission, please contact any of the members one week in advance so your issue can be placed on the agenda.

Personal electronic devices such as laptops, tablets and smart phones, may be brought to school for use during discussions and completion of assignments/projects. When not being used for educational purposes, all personal devices must be kept in the students’ lockers. In addition, teachers may collect devices during their classes for instructional purposes. Inappropriate use will result in the immediate confiscation of the device. Students who violate the Technology User Agreement will be prohibited from bringing their devices to school.

St. Ann School adopts and supports rules of conduct and dedicates our efforts to teaching the skills of self-discipline and positive behavior choices to ensure the safety of our students in a Christian environment where each child can grow personally, spiritually and academically.  Expulsion will be a last resort and used only after a period of suspension and also an attempt to work with the student and family.

Expulsion results in a student not being allowed to continue his/her education at St. Ann School.  Actions by students or parents for which expulsion may be imposed include, but are not limited to, the following: striking or insulting any school employee; unprovoked battery and/or attack resulting in injury to any other person; exhibiting or using any dangerous weapon on or near the school premises; use or possession by student of any controlled substance; making a bomb threat or setting off an explosive device; severely violating the Technology User Agreement, or serious criminal activity regardless of whether or not it occurred at school or on school premises.

A student may be expelled by the school following a hearing at which it finds that the student has repeatedly refused or neglected to obey school rules or has engaged in conduct which endangers the property, health or safety of others at school or while under the supervision of a school authority, and if the governing board is satisfied that the interest of the school demands his/her expulsion.

Extended Before and After School Care Program is available from 6:30 a.m. to 7:45 a.m. and from 3:05 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. on school days. Registration forms and information on procedures and the cost of the Program will be distributed at Open House and are available in the school office.

There is no Extended Before and After School Care Program provided on days when school is not in session or on Early Release days.

FACTS is our school software program which uses cloud computing to provide academic progress, quarterly/semester grade reports, assignment information, as well as all billing accounts including tuition, field trips, Home & School Dues and lunch accounts for parents and students as well as student data for authorized staff. Parents of students in grades K-8 as well as students in grades 6-8 will be issued a log-in and password to access their account. Parents are encouraged to review their child's academic progress on a regular basis through FACTS.

Field trips are an important use of community resources to supplement the objectives taught in the curriculum. All field trips will be chaperoned by teachers, staff members and parents. A Field Trip Information Form with a Parent Permission Statement will be distributed to students before each field trip. There may be a required fee for a field trip to defray the entrance fee and transportation cost of the field trip.

Permission of parents or guardians is required for students to take part in any field trip. If a permission slip is not returned by the due date, the student will not attend the field trip. All students are expected to be a part of a field trip; however, any student who is not doing well academically or whose behavior has been routinely inappropriate will remain at school, as field trips are a privilege for our students. If your child is not invited to attend the field trip due to inappropriate behavior, you will be notified of this fact. Your child is expected to attend school on the day of the field trip, and schoolwork will be provided for him/her to complete.

Parents or guardians who transport students for field trips are required to complete a Volunteer Driver Questionnaire and an insurance form, showing a minimum of $300,000.00 insurance coverage. Seat belts must be provided for each child in the car or van. If the car or van has a passenger air bag, the student must sit in the back seat. Students are not allowed to be transported in a convertible or the back of a pick-up truck.

Students must use booster seats unless they are the required weight and height that allows them to use regular seatbelts as designated by the State of Wisconsin. 

Fire drills are conducted each month during the school year at unannounced and varied times. All persons must leave the school in a quick, quiet and orderly fashion. After the children have evacuated the school and have assembled at their assigned places, each teacher calls roll to account for each student in his/her classroom.

Tornado drills will be conducted each semester during the school year at unannounced and varied times. Students will file to their designated locations in a quick and quiet fashion. Each teacher will take roll to account for each student in his or her classroom. If a tornado warning is in effect when school is in session, students will not be dismissed until the warning has been lifted. If a disaster occurs and students are not able to return to the school building, radio and/or email announcements will inform parents or guardians where their child(ren) have been taken for shelter.

Evacuation routes and shelter areas are posted in each classroom and room throughout the school building.

A Violent Intruder drill will be conducted each semester during the school year. Students will follow best practices protocol. Drills may be conducted in conjunction with the Stoughton Police and/or Fire Department. Parents will be given notification in advance, and under no circumstances will unannounced drills be run.

A special Mass will be celebrated in the evening at the end of the school year for our Grade Eight graduates. A special reception will follow in Healy Hall.

Gum chewing is prohibited in the classroom and on school grounds at all times.

Harassment of any type, verbal, physical, visual, sexual, is in direct opposition to the mission of St. Ann School and will not be tolerated. Harassment of any person in the classroom or on school grounds by a person acting as a representative of St. Ann School is not acceptable. Any individual judged to harass another will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.

A student who feels that he/she has been subjected to harassment must notify a St. Ann School staff member and his/her parent/guardian. The matter must be reported to the principal, and an investigation of the incident will take place. In the case of a substantiated incident of harassment, the appropriate course of disciplinary action will be dictated by the particular circumstances of the situation.

Sexual Harassment:
All students of St. Ann School are entitled to learn in an atmosphere free from sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is defined as any unwelcome sexual advances, unwelcome physical contact of a sexual nature or unwelcome verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature.

No student of St. Ann School shall be subjected to sexual harassment as a Catholic school student. Any student or employee who engages in sexual harassment shall be subject to disciplinary measures. Any student who believes that he or she is being sexually harassed shall report immediately such information to the principal. Any information reported shall be treated as confidential. All claims of sexual harassment shall be thoroughly investigated by the principal and pastor. No student shall receive any retaliation or disciplinary action for reports of sexual harassment, made in good faith.

Communication and mutual support between parents or guardians and the school community is one key to a successful education program. For this reason, St. Ann School has a Home and School Association. All families with children attending St. Ann School are automatically members of the Home and School Association. The Home and School Association provides:
  1. Information to families that give directions, ideas and activities that positively impact family life and encourage the development of Christian values within the family;
  2. Service by organizing parents or guardians to do needed projects at school;
  3. Fundraising to meet the instructional needs of the school;
  4. Support in encouraging the educational, moral, physical, mental and religious growth of the school. We encourage parents or guardians to volunteer their time when called and to attend all Home and School Association meetings and events throughout the school year.

The Home and School Association has annual dues each year, which help defray the cost of supplies for special activities during the school year. The Home and School Association Steering Committee meets on a monthly basis published in the school calendar.

Thank you in advance for becoming involved in the Home and School Association activities that are a part of our school year. The sharing of your time, talent and treasure for the students of St. Ann School is greatly appreciated.

Because education involves study, all students are expected to spend a reasonable amount of time on school nights doing some type of homework whether it be completing assigned work, studying math facts or spelling words, reading a book or doing research or a class assignment. Homework is an extension of the learning process and enhances the study skills of the student, reinforces the concepts taught and provides an opportunity for independent learning.

At all times, assignments are to be done neatly and completely with the appropriate materials. Parents or guardians are encouraged to examine the homework of their child(ren) and to discuss what is being studied. Parents or guardians are encouraged to provide their child with a suitable atmosphere, specific time and regular location to study.

Minimum study time recommendations are as follows:
Grades 1-2... 15 minutes,
Grades 3-4... 30 minutes,
Grades 5-8 … 45 minutes.

Students in Grades 3-8 are encouraged to use an assignment book/assignment sheets. This assignment book/assignments sheets provides an efficient method for students to keep track of all their assignments as well as provides space for teachers and parents/guardians to exchange information concerning student performance and effort. If a child is absent from school, he/she is responsible for the work missed. Requests for homework for absent students should be made to the school office.

If a child is absent from school, he/she is responsible for the work missed. Requests for homework for the absent students should be made to the school office. If for some legitimate reason your child did not complete his/her homework, a written note signed by the parent or guardian should be sent to school. A list of student assignments can be accessed on FACTS.

Students in Grades 5 through 8 are honored each semester for their academic achieve

St. Ann School has an excellent school lunch program. Each meal includes milk, fruit, vegetables, carb, and dessert. Due to the increase in peanut and tree nut allergies, especially airborne allergies, St. Ann School Lunch Program will not be serving any food with peanut butter or nut products, including peanut butter sandwiches and desserts.

Families will be notified of the cost of hot lunch and milk prior to the beginning of the school year. For each child, a family establishes a pre-paid lunch account through their FACTS online payment system. Deposits may be made at any time, and it is the expectation that families will update their lunch accounts regularly in order to maintain a positive balance. In addition, students who wish to bring a sack lunch will be able to purchase milk, charged to the family account. Current lunch balances may be viewed on FACTS. If a student’s account falls into the negative, FACTS will automatically send an email to notify families that a deposit is required. Families who fail to keep their lunch balances up to date on a regular basis may be limited on hot lunch choices, including extras.

Parents and guardians may apply to have their child(ren) participate in the Free and Reduced Lunch Program. Application forms are will be mailed to all families prior to the start of the school year and are available in the school office. For those who qualify, one complete meal is included at no cost to the families. Extras, including milk, however, are not included in the Free and Reduced Lunch Program and must be paid by the families.

St. Ann School participates in the Federal Subsidized Milk Program. Pre-Kindergarten students’ milk will be available; cost per school year TBD. Morning Kindergarten milk will be offered in addition to lunch milk; cost per school year TBD.

Table manners and courtesy are expected of all students. Students must show respect for and obey the directives of the lunch room supervisors. Misbehavior during lunch time will result in a student being denied the privilege of eating with his/her peers or enjoying recess time.

Students are not allowed to leave the school premises for lunch unless they are with their parent or guardian.

Non-Catholic Student Participation
Non-Catholic students fully enrolled in St. Ann School are required to participate to the same extent in all school activities (both curricular and extra-curricular) and courses of study as Catholic students, providing such activity is permitted by Catholic Church Law. Weekly school mass attendance is required by all students. 
Non-Discrimination Policy
St. Ann School admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship and financial aid programs, and athletic and other school-administered programs.
On-Going Fundraising Efforts
While St. Ann School students do not participate in door-to-door fund raising, there are various opportunities throughout the year for families and students to support the school financially. Special funds for curriculum enhancement, for example, are generated through SCRIP, a gift card purchasing program, Trash-to-Treasure - redeeming items such as Kwik Trip Milk Moola, printer cartridges and cell phones for cash, and coffee sales. In addition, the Home & School Association coordinates 2-3 special events each year to raise funds that are used to enrich students' academic, social and spiritual learning. Families are encouraged to become involved in purchasing SCRIP certificates throughout the year and participating in other fundraising activities to the extent possible.
Hot Lunch payments, field trips, tuition and Extended Care payments can be made online via the FACTS online payment system. Special accommodations can be made to those families who have limited or no access to the Internet. Your lunch and tuition account balances can be accessed through FACTS.
Physical Education Class
St. Ann School presumes that every child is able to participate in all activities in each Physical Education class unless he/she presents a written note signed by a doctor stating the limitations. All children are expected to wear tennis shoes for Physical Education class. In addition, students in Grades K-3 may bring a change of clothing, including shorts for class. Students in Grades 4- 8, however, are required to bring a change of shirt and/or shorts for participation in Physical Education class.
Professional photos are scheduled to be taken of the students and staff of St. Ann School in September. No family is obligated to purchase these pictures; however, all students will be photographed for the class composite and will receive a class composite whether or not they have placed an order.
Possession of Weapons
It is a violation of St. Ann School policies for a student to possess a weapon on St. Ann School premises or at any time in connection with St. Ann School activities. Included within these prohibitions are the possession, sale, distribution, manufacture, receipt, seeking the sale or trade or use of any firearm, knife, martial arts device or object or an object which in the school’s discretion, may reasonably be considered to constitute a weapon.

Violations of this policy may result in disciplinary action up to and including expulsion from St. Ann School.

Proof of Guardianship
In any situation where there is a custody agreement, it is a condition of enrollment that the parent or guardian submits to the school a copy of the portion of that agreement which stipulates custody and any other pertinent information regarding custody and visitation. Parents are to notify the school in writing of any change in the agreement and submit verification of the change.
Recess and Play
When weather permits, all students are to be on the playground during supervised recess. Students may not bring their own personal toys or balls for use at school, unless authorized by the teacher or office for special events. Children may expect to have inappropriate toys confiscated. Students are expected to play in a safe and kind manner. Students who exhibit bullying behavior, physically or verbally, will be asked to sit out of group activities.

Students should dress appropriately for recess weather conditions. Students will not have outdoor recess if temperatures or wind chill factor is below zero degrees Fahrenheit. During the winter months, students are to wear mittens, hats, snow pants and heavy coats. For students in K-4, as well as older students who play in the snow, are required to wear snow pants. For the health of each student, boots and an extra pair of shoes are encouraged for wet and snowy weather.

Religious Dimension
A distinctive quality of St. Ann School is its commitment to the building of a community of faith. The staff’s ministry of educating our students is fostered in an atmosphere of a believing faith community that shares faith in Jesus, prayer and service to others. Time is planned throughout the year for student and staff participation in these special events. Students and staff attend the 8:00 a.m. Mass each Friday and on Holy Days of Obligation. Parents and guardians and friends are invited to attend these special celebrations. Students and staff in Grades 2-8 have the opportunity to receive the sacrament of Reconciliation during Advent and Lent.

Each year our students organize special collections for food, clothing, toys, personal care items and household supplies for needy families in the Stoughton area. Students are also involved in supporting the Catholic Relief Services Operation Rice Bowl Project and other programs such as the Catholic Multicultural Center through donations, volunteerism, and the offering of prayers.

Reporting Student Progress
Reporting student progress is the result of daily evaluation of your child(ren)’s progress based on written/oral work and test results. Grades K-8 receive report cards three times a year. Electronic report cards are available on TeacherEase at the conclusion of each trimester. Paper report cards are distributed to families who do not have access to the Internet or who request them. Pre-Kindergarten and 4K students will also receive a report card at the end of each trimester. During the course of the school year, student progress for students in Grades K-8 is also reported on TeacherEase.

As a personal means of informing parents/guardians as to the development of their child(ren), parent-teacher-student conferences are held before the end of the first two trimesters.

In addition to these regular conferences, parents or guardians, teachers and students can make arrangements for other conferences at any time during the school year.

Sacramental Preparation
Preparation for the reception of the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Eucharist will be shared with students in Grade 2. Parents or guardians should be directly involved in this special preparation of their child through attendance at parent meetings, through discussion with their child and through the completion of special projects. Students who have not received these Sacraments by Grade 2 should meet with the Principal and arrangements will be made for their child's preparation. 

School Communication
Family communication will be delivered using the school website and a weekly electronic newsletter. Communications will include information about school events and activities, parent/guardian requests or updates. All weekly family communications are also posted on the St. Ann School website -
School Supplies
Families will receive a list of school supplies for each grade level in a summer mailing. Parents and guardians are responsible for purchasing these supplies for their child(ren).
To keep our school buildings secure, all exterior doors to the school, with the exception of the North doors, will be locked during school hours. All visitors must check in at the school office, sign the visitor log and receive a visitor’s badge.
Student Health
The St. Ann School student health program follows state and local guidelines. To help your child(ren) succeed in school, please insure that your child(ren) gets regular and adequate sleep, exercise and a balanced diet.

When your child has contracted a communicable disease, please notify the school office immediately. Communicable diseases include: chicken pox, pink eye (conjunctivitis), influenza, impetigo, measles, mumps, lice (pediculosis), Rubella (German measles), whooping cough (pertussis), scabies, and strep throat (streptococcal infections).

If your child has a fever, a rash, diarrhea, vomiting or a cough with a fever, please keep him/her home for a period of 24 hours. Often a day at home and bed rest will prevent more serious illness and encourage more rapid recovery.

St. Ann School does not have the services of a school nurse. If a child becomes ill or is injured at school, he/she will be cared for temporarily by the school office staff and parents/guardians will be notified. It is very important that the emergency information on file at school is accurate so that parents, guardians and emergency contacts can be notified immediately when a child is ill or injured.

St. Ann School will follow the School Code of Wisconsin Section 252.04 and 120.12 that states that all students in private, public or parochial schools MUST have a physical prior to entrance into Kindergarten. Students transferring from another state must also have a physical.

If a child has a fever, is ill or injured, a parent or guardian or a person authorized by the parent or guardian will be notified. The parent, guardian or designated person must come into the school office and sign out the child for the day. If a child has a medical or dental appointment, the parent, guardian or designated person must also come into the school office and sign out the child for the appointment. Under no circumstance will a child be released from the school building until a parent, guardian or designated adult signs the child out.

Parents or guardians must write an excuse note if they feel for some reason their child should not participate in Physical Education class for the day. A doctor’s written excuse is needed when a child cannot participate in Physical Education class for an extended period of time.

In accordance with the School Immunization Law, students are required to provide a notarized immunization record showing they have received the proper immunizations against measles, tetanus, diphtheria, polio, pertussis, rubella, mumps and hepatitis B. If your child has a medical reason for not being immunized or if you conscientiously object to any or all immunizations, you are required to have a signed and notarized statement on file at school.

Proof of immunity shall be documented evidence of having received a vaccine or proof of disease verified by a health care provider. These reports are to be in the school office by the 30th school day. Failure to comply will necessitate exclusion from school.

Medication is permitted and administered only according to the guidelines set by the State of Wisconsin 118.29.

Whenever possible, medications should be administered at home. Notification of students requiring medication at school must be made by the parent/guardian to the school office.

The regulations below apply to the administration of any medication, prescription or non-prescription.

  1. The parent or guardian shall provide the school with the physician’s orders of prescription detailing: the name of the student, the type of disease or illness involved, the name of the drug, dosage, time interval in which the medication is to be taken, the date of initiation and the date of discontinuance, the desired benefits of the medication, the side effects and an emergency number where the physician can be reached.
  2. The student’s parent or guardian shall provide a written request authorizing the administration of the prescribed medication at school.
  3. Medication shall be brought to school in container appropriately labeled by the pharmacy or physician. The name of the student and the name of the physician, pharmacy and pharmacy phone number shall be indicated on the container.
  4. The school shall provide a locked space for the storage of medication.
  5. The school personnel shall keep a written record of all drug administration. This record shall include: what medication was given; to whom it was given; when it was given (date and time);who administered the medication; the date of initiation and the drug discontinuance date; and when the medication was not given and why. The information shall be placed in the student’s health file.

All over the counter medications must be sent in the original container accompanied by a medication form signed by the parent or guardian and indicating the dosage and time for administering.

If a minor injury occurs, staff will apply appropriate first aide such as Band-Aids, soap and water and ice packs.

Student Records
A permanent record of each student is kept on file in the school office. The records include the following information: progress reports, results of standardized tests and attendance records. A separate health record with immunizations and screening reports is kept on file for each student. A conference to review your child(ren)’s file may be arranged by contacting the principal.

Student’s records may not be removed from the school premises. Access to a student’s records shall be limited to the school’s instructional staff and administrative staff. Other professionals (e.g. counselors, social workers, psychologists, etc.) must have written permission from the parent or guardian or authorization from a court to attain access to a student’s record.


Tardiness interferes with a student’s progress and is a disturbance to the other students and the teacher as they begin their school day. Students should be at school by 7:45 a.m. All students are expected to have their coats, backpacks, etc. put away in their lockers and be in their seats by 7:50 a.m. If they are not ready and in their seats by 7:50 a.m., they will be marked tardy for that day. A student who arrives at school after 7:50 a.m. is to stop in the school office to sign in with the school secretary. Exceptions are made for those students riding the bus and for days that involve inclement weather.

If a student is tardy 5 times per academic quarter, the student’s parents/guardian will receive a letter to help with this concern. In the event that tardiness continues, a meeting will be set up with the student, parents/guardian and principal to find a solution to the problem of tardiness.

Being on time and being a part of the classroom morning routine will provide a more positive experience for students for the whole school day and the school year.

Telephone Use
Parents or guardians are requested to avoid calling for the delivery of messages to their child(ren) except in the case of an emergency. In addition, students will not be allowed to make calls home for non-emergency purposes. Parents are also asked not to text or call their children’s cell phones during school hours for any reason. In the case of an emergency, a parent should contact the school office where the student will then be paged to the office.
Students in Grades 1-8 complete the Renaissance Star 360 interim and formative assessments three times during the school year as required by the Diocese. Star 360 provides achievement and growth data and is used to aid the teachers in screening and guiding instruction as well as curriculum presented to our students. In addition, some teachers may use the online testing to measure the success of planned interventions or to monitor individual student progress. Parents and guardians will be notified in advance of the testing dates..

The ACRE Test (Assessment of Catechesis and Religious Education) will also be administered to Grade 5 and 8 students.

Transportation and Safety
Parents and guardians dropping off and picking up children should keep in the line of cars in the designated drop off and pick up areas and not in the area reserved for buses. Children should be dropped off on the school side of the street and not across the street or in the middle of the street so that the children do not have to cross the line of traffic. Cars should enter the parking lot from Van Buren Street and exit from the Harrison Street.

Pre-Kindergarten, 4K and Kindergarten parents or guardians must walk their child into the classroom. Families who have arranged for family or friends to pick up children must fill out a permission form from the teacher.

Parents and guardians shall enter into a written School Tuition Contract with St. Ann School that specifies the obligations on the part of the school and on the part of the parent or guardian with respect to the educational services to be provided to each student. Tuition balances can be viewed and payment can be made through the FACTS online payment system.

Tuition payment options are scheduled, August 15 through May 15 of each year. FACTS provides several approved methods of payment, including:

  1. Payment in full at the beginning of the school year.
  2. Semi-annually in August and January.
  3. Quarterly in August, November, January, and March.
  4. Ten monthly installments each month from August through May.
  5. Semimonthly installments from August through May.

Parents, guardians or other family members are welcome to visit St. Ann School at any time. Please call the school office 24 hours in advance to make arrangements with the teachers prior to your visit. In order to keep the school secure, all visitors are required to check into the school office, sign the visitors log and receive a visitors badge before going to the desired classroom.
Volunteers play an important role in the community of St. Ann School. Please consider sharing your talents, interests and time with the students and staff of our school. We urge you to contact your child(ren)’s teacher(s) or the school office for information about possible volunteer opportunities. Volunteers will be asked to complete a background check form, sign a volunteer agreement, and complete the Protecting God’s Children Program. Volunteers who will be driving for field trips must provide their driver’s license and insurance information and have a driver’s license background check.
The St. Ann School website serves as a valuable portal to key information and communications related to the school. The site is the primary access point for current school news, calendars, lunch menus, forms and other regularly accessed information, as well as the connection to external educational and administrative resources including, but not limited to: SignUp Genius, and Scrip. The website also provides secure access for families to such resources as event photos, teacher and family directories and grades and account information via FACTS online payment system.

The following applies to students who transfer from St. Ann School:

  1. The school office should be notified in advance if parents or guardians are planning to move or planning to transfer their child(ren) to a different school.
  2. Official school records are not given to parents, but after the completion of a Transfer of Records Form will be forwarded directly to the receiving school, after all bills are paid.
  3. There will be no refund of student fees. If tuition has been paid in full and the child transfers, a pro-rated refund will be given.
  4. Parents are asked to complete an exit interview form when their child is withdrawn from school. 

Together, we share the responsibility and the joy of preparing your child for the future.

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