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St. Ann Extended Care

Mission Statement
The mission of the St. Ann School Extended Care Program is to provide a safe and enjoyable experience while promoting the spiritual, academic, and social growth of our students.

Extended Care enrollment will take place at St. Ann School Back-to-School Night; however, families may register at any time during the school year. At the time of registration, an enrollment packet will be given to parents/guardians. Please read the fee agreement and policies carefully. St. Ann School requires that all St. Ann School Extended Care enrollment forms be returned prior to the first day of attendance.

AM Schedule      
Arrival Time 1 Child 2 Children 3 Children
6:30am-7:50am $5.00 $10.00 $13.00
7:00am-7:50am $4.00 $8.00 $11.00
7:30am-7:50am $2.00 $4.00 $6.00

PM Schedule      
Days/Times 1 Child 2 Children 3 Children
3:00pm-3:45pm $5.00 $10.00 $15.00
3:00pm - Beyond 3:45pm      
5 Days/Week $75.00 $140.00 $180.00
4 Days/Week $60.00 $112.00 $144.00
3 Days/Week $45.00 $84.00 $108.00
2 Days/Week $30.00 $56.00 $72.00
1 Day/Week $15.00 $28.00 $36.00

Payments for St. Ann School Extended Care services for students in Kindergarten through 8th Grade are to be paid through the school FACTS program. An updated Statement of Account will be mailed directly to families from FACTS. Account balances can always be checked online. For 4K students only, direct billing from St. Ann School Extended Care will occur.

/Sign-Out Procedures
When children arrive at school in the morning, they are to be signed in on their sign-in/sign-out sheet by a parent/guardian or authorized person. When children arrive at Extended Care after school, children are required to check in with Extended Care staff who will sign them in. When picking up children in the afternoon, the parent/guardian or authorized person must sign out children on their sign-in/sign-out sheet.

PLEASE NOTE: Children will only be released to persons listed on the authorized pick-up list.

Early Drop Off and Late Pickup/Fees

No child is to be dropped off prior to 6:30 AM. Extended Care staff will not be available until 6:30 AM. Children are to be picked up from St. Ann School Extended Care no later than 5:30 PM. A late pick-up fee of $10 per quarter hour will be assessed after 5:30 PM. If you know that you may run late in picking up your child, please plan accordingly and make other pick-up arrangements.

Inclement Weather
If St. Ann School is closed due to inclement weather, the St. Ann School Extended Care Program will NOT be offered that day. Please listen to TV/Radio announcements to determine whether school is in session. Please keep in mind that St. Ann School follows the Stoughton Area School District recommendations for closing. In the event of school closing early due to weather conditions, please refer back to the emergency plan in place with St. Ann School. If your child(ren) cannot be picked up in a timely fashion, he/she will be brought to Extended Care until pick up. There will be a $5 per hour per child charge for this service.

Educational Policy
Since St. Ann School Extended Care either precedes or follows a full day of instruction, the atmosphere is a social, relaxing environment. However, children will have the opportunity to work on any homework assigned, read quietly, play board games, etc. Many children enrolled in St. Ann School Extended Care are also involved in extracurricular activities and could greatly benefit from getting homework done at Extended Care. The St. Ann School Extended Care staff is available and willing to assist with any homework assignments when possible.

Discipline Policy
The purpose of the discipline policy is to provide guidelines for discipline that will protect the rights of all children, staff, and school property. St. Ann School Extended Care staff will provide a caring and cooperative environment. Children will be expected to (a) treat other children and St. Ann School Extended Care staff with consideration and respect, (b) care for all games, materials, equipment, and school property with respect, and (c) participate in large/small group activities in a positive, cooperative manner. A child may be asked to withdraw from an activity if he or she displays aggressive, destructive, or uncooperative behavior.

If any child’s behavior demands greater attention than that which staff can reasonably provide, a conference will be held with the parents/guardians, the principal, and St. Ann School Extended Care staff to explore other resources. No child who continually endangers the safety of others will be allowed to stay in the St. Ann School Extended Care Program.

Accidents/Emergency Medical Treatment
Should an accident or medical emergency occur during the hours of St. Ann School Extended Care, staff will immediately notify the child’s parents/guardians. In the event that the parents/guardians cannot be reached, and medical treatment is required, your signature on the St. Ann’s School emergency card empowers staff members to call the physician indicated on the emergency card. Depending on the severity of the injury/medical emergency, 911 will be called and the child will be transported to Stoughton Hospital Urgent Care for treatment.

PLEASE NOTE: It is imperative that your child’s emergency card be thoroughly filled out on both sides and include all contact information, medical conditions, allergies, and medications. This would include both parents’ names, address(es), all phone numbers, and email addresses. Extended Care uses the same emergency card in the school office.

Health Policy

If a child becomes ill at Extended Care, either before or after school, parents/guardians will be notified and will be expected to come for the ill child immediately, or have another authorized adult do so.

When your child is absent from school, please either email Extended Care staff of the absence or ask the school office to notify the St. Ann School Extended Care staff that your child will not be in Extended Care that day. No child that is absent during school hours due to illness will be allowed to attend St. Ann School Extended Care.

Medications will be given only after proper forms have been filled out and given to St. Ann School Extended Care staff. The same regulations that apply to medications given during school hours apply to medications given either before or after school hours at Extended Care. Please check the school handbook for instructions on bringing either prescription or over-the-counter medications to school.

Children may bring their own breakfast if they attend St. Ann School Extended Care before school. Children may also use a kitchen cupboard and/or refrigerator to store breakfast items. Remember to please label these items with your child’s first and last name. Please keep any food items healthy and nut free.

An after school snack will be provided around 3:30 PM. Snacks will consist of nutritional foods from one or more of the following food groups: fruits and vegetables, grains, proteins, and dairy. Beverages including milk, water, or juice will be provided. A snack menu will be emailed every two weeks. If your child prefers to bring his/her own snack on any given day, they may feel free to do so, but please keep all snacks healthy and nut free.

All snacks served in the St. Ann School Extended Care Program have been carefully purchased with food allergies in mind. If you have any questions or concerns, please see the St. Ann School Extended Care Director.

Click here to download the St. Ann School Extended Care Contract

Thank you for taking the time to read the St. Ann School Extended Care enrollment packet. If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact:
Trudy Stensaas, St. Ann School Extended Care Director (608) 220-2916 / trudy.stensaas@stanns-school.org

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