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Choosing Saint Ann School for Your Child

Selecting your child’s school environment is one of the most important decisions you will ever make as a parent. St. Ann School provides an excellent academic experience for your child, and it helps instill the family values you hold true: positive self-esteem, respect for others, a commitment to social justice and a personal relationship with God.

St. Ann School is a Catholic, parochial school, offering pre-Kindergarten through Grade 8. The staff of St. Ann School recognizes that each child, regardless of race, color or creed, is a unique individual created by God, loved and redeemed by Christ and sanctified by the Holy Spirit. The school as a cooperative agent shares with the parents the responsibility of the child’s education.

St. Ann School provides its students with a holistic education through a curriculum that encompasses the vision and values of a Christian community. The program focuses on the development of the whole person, helping students to become all that God has called them to be in their spiritual, psychological, academic, social, cultural, physical and emotional development. This experience includes an emphasis on experiences and methods of prayer and reflection, moral values, self-discipline, social responsibility, cooperation, good study habits and an awareness of and reverence for all creation.

The faculty and staff of St. Ann School seek to create a caring family atmosphere in which students can demonstrate knowledge and mastery of age appropriate content; think critically, constructively and creatively; solve problems; communicate effectively; work collaboratively; be proficient in research and retrieval skills; employ logical decision-making skills and be involved in community service. With such preparation, students will be equipped to address the challenges of our ever-changing and complex society.

To learn more about why St. Ann School might be a good fit for your family, please contact St. Ann Principal, Kara Roisum at kara.roisum@stanns-school.org or 608-873-3343.

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