324 N. Harrison St. Stoughton, WI 53589

Testimonials for St. Ann School

“St. Ann School has such a positive energy and strong sense of community. The teachers and families truly care for one another, enabling students to grow into confident, well-rounded adolescents.”
Tonya, Teacher/Parent

“St. Ann’s inspired in me a curiosity of the world, a strong sense of responsibility for my beliefs and actions, a respect for the old and young, a love of God and others, and good character.”
Eamon, Alumnus

“We appreciate the small class sizes and individual attention our kids receive at St. Ann’s. The curriculum is appropriately challenging, allowing them to graduate with the skills and confidence to excel in high school and beyond.”
Andrew and Andrea, Parents

“Not only are our children receiving an outstanding education in a school with dedicated teachers and access to the newest technology, they are also flourishing in a caring community that teaches them the respect, self-confidence and motivation they need to succeed in any area they choose to pursue.”
Scott and Kari, Parents

“As an alumnus of St. Ann School, I eagerly enrolled my children to give them the same great experience I received. At St. Ann’s, students are encouraged to develop morally, spiritually, physically and academically, while learning humility and service to others.”
Jennifer, Alumnus/Parent

“We have the opportunity to learn about our faith in Religion class, through prayers and Mass, and through service opportunities.”
Katie, Student

Our Address

324 N. Harrison St.
Stoughton, WI 53589