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St. Ann School offers a progressive and challenging academic curriculum in the core subjects of Religion, Reading and Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies. Students also participate in specialized coursework in Art, Computers and Technology, Music, Physical Education, Sacramental Preparations (grade 2) and Spanish and. Our overall curriculum is subject to a five-year revision cycle based on the national, state and diocesan standards.

As a leader in quality Catholic education for 50 years, St. Ann School and Parish have become pillars of the Stoughton community. The celebration of our Catholic faith and our high student expectations all work together to inspire academic and spiritual growth in a Christian atmosphere. With an average class size of less than 20 students, we build a strong educational foundation for each child based on his or her unique needs.

In addition to the core and specialized coursework, students are offered the opportunity to participate in a variety of extra-curricular experiences, including:

  • Art Contests
  • Before/After School Extended Care
  • Boys & Girls Scouts
  • Catholic Schools Week
  • Children’s Angel Choir
  • Drama Club
  • Essay Contests
  • Geography Bee
  • Intergenerational Service Opportunities
  • Spelling Bee

When necessary, students are eligible to receive additional services through the Stoughton Area School District, including Title 1 reading, speech therapy and special needs testing.

Putting Faith in Education: The Kindergarten through 8th Grade Experience
At St. Ann School, we celebrate our Catholic faith through daily classroom prayer, weekly liturgies, participation in the sacraments and religious instruction. Core Christian values and a variety of service opportunities are integrated into the curriculum. Our students take and active role in all school liturgies and prayer services as lectors, gift bearers, singers and altar servers. They participate in local and global service projects on many levels. We strive to “teach as Jesus did” and to instill a sense of integrity in each of our students.

Interactive Learning
Technological and computer skills are essential for success in today’s world, so St. Ann School has embedded technology into our daily instruction. Teachers and students use interactive whiteboards and tablets on a daily basis so students naturally develop the skills they need to succeed in the future.

Pre-Kindergarten and 4K Programming
Our Pre-Kindergarten and 4K curricula have been designed to encourage early socialization and to develop the academic skills necessary for smooth transitioning into a Kindergarten classroom. Daily hands-on projects engage naturally curious minds and build confidence in our Pre-Kindergarten and 4K students. The early childhood team fosters independence and creativity in a safe and nurturing environment, while also teaching respect for self and others.

The major goal of our pre-Kindergarten Program is to provide growth and success for each child spiritually, socially, physically, emotionally and intellectually. We do this through a wide variety of planned learning activities incorporating the quiet, the non-quiet, the child-initiated and the teacher-directed.

Planning for the success of each child in daily activities is most important and calls for many and varied concrete experiences and the exploration of manipulative materials.

The following is included in a typical day at pre-Kindergarten:

Readiness work (Religion, Reading, Math, Writing, Science); Religion activities develop the child’s prayer life and a sense of God’s love and presence. Other readiness activities provide direct contact with the teachers with an emphasis on the learning of skills, concepts and attitudes appropriate for each individual child’s level.

Daily Routines (Prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance, Calendar, Weather, Clean-up, Snack): The children assume responsibility for cleaning up, putting away all play materials and setting up for snack time. This encourages the development of social skills, language skills, good manners, good health habits and a consciousness of the value of routine.

Handwork (Art, Cooking, Cutting, Gluing, etc.): Hand-eye coordination, finger dexterity and small and large motor control are developed. Creativity, individuality and a better understanding of art as a language are also promoted.

Story, music, finger plays. These activities help develop listening skills and appreciation of music, singing, a sense of rhythm and small muscle control. The child’s attention span is also increased.

Physical education (games in the gym, Indoor and Outdoor Games, Record Activities, Dance, Following Directions and Outside Play): These activities develop large muscle control, eye-hand coordination, physical skills and sportsmanship. The social experiences of give and take, sharing, leadership and the following of rules are also encouraged.

Free Play (Housekeeping Area, Block Area, Cars and Trucks, Easel Painting, Arts and Crafts Area, Science Table, Math and Reading Games, Puzzles, Small Motor Toys): these areas provide for the development of creativity, language, child planning, curiosity, collaboration and the handling of equipment appropriately.

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