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St. Ann School Lunch Program

St. Ann School has an excellent school lunch program. The lunch menu, listing the main course only, will be made available Wednesday prior to each week on the school website.

School lunches are provided at the cost of $2.95 for students in grades K—8. Students who wish to bring a sack lunch will be able to purchase milk at the cost of 60¢ (.40 for those who quality for reduced lunches – see below). Student payments should be made in advance on a weekly or monthly basis. Payments will be credited to the child’s or family’s lunch account. Lunch account totals can be monitored at the site. Payments should be made in the kitchen at the beginning of the school day. Please note that kitchen staff is not available for collecting payments at the end of the school day.

Due to the increase in peanut and tree nut allergies especially airborne allergies, St. Ann School Lunch Program will not be serving any food with peanut butter or nut products including peanut butter sandwiches and desserts. A replacement entrée of Ham or Turkey will be made available for students.

Reduced or free lunches are available to qualifying families based on income levels. Income guidelines and application are available in the forms section of the Family Resource area on the St. Ann School website.

If you desire any additional information, please don’t hesitate to call Greg Pigarelli at 873-3343, St. Ann School. All information received is confidential.

Pre-Kindergarten and
 Kindergarten Milk

Milk for 4K and 3 year-old Pre-Kindergarten students will be available through the subsidized “Special Milk Program” (SMP). 4K milk will be $15/year and PK3 milk will be $8/year. Kindergarten morning snack milk is available for $99/year. If your family would qualify for free and reduced lunches your child would also qualify for free Kindergarten or Pre-Kindergarten milk. Checks should be made payable to St. Ann School Lunch Program.


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