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Welcome to St. Ann School in Stoughton, Wisconsin.

With 13 instructional faculty and four educational assistants, St. Ann School currently provides an average student to teacher ratio of 16:1. All faculty members are certified by the State of Wisconsin and eight hold master’s degrees in education. Our teachers are members of the National Catholic Education Association. St. Ann School is fully accredited by the Wisconsin Religious and Independent School Association (WRISA).

Mrs. Kara Roisum, Principal kara.roisum@stanns-school.org
Mrs. Diane Neumeyer, Administrative Assistant  stanns@stanns-school.org
School Staff:    
Mrs. Laura Becker, School Counselor  
Mrs. Abby Boehm, 5th grade abby.boehm@stanns-school.org
Mrs. Traci Brennan, 2nd grade traci.brennan@stanns-school.org
Mr. Tim Bubon, Middle School Long-Term Sub  
Ms. DeeDee Bouzek, Grades 5-8 Theater Workshop deedee.bouzek@stoughton.k12.wi.us
Miss Mary Kate Donovan, Grades K-5 Technology, Grades K-8 Spanish, Middle School marykate.donovan@stanns-school.org
Mrs. Jennifer Dorr, 1st grade jennifer.dorr@stanns-school.org
Mrs. Sarah Gates, 5th Grade, Math Course 1 sarah.gates@stanns-school.org
Mrs. Lisa Hill, Recess, Custodial lisa.hill@stanns-school.org
Mrs. Sue Jensen, Library, E.A. sue.jensen@stanns-school.org
Mrs. Shaun Kleitsch, Algebra shaun.kleitsch@stanns-school.org
Mr. Tom Lynch, 6th Grade Homeroom, Middle School, Grades K-8 P.E. tom.lynch@stanns-school.org
Mrs. Jessica Matz, 4K jessica.matz@stanns-school.org
Ms. Linda Milam, Reading Specialist stanns@stanns-school.org
Mrs. Diane Neumeyer, Administrative Assistant diane.neumeyer@stanns-school.org
Noah Neumeyer, Extended Care Assistant  
Mrs. Lanette Nguyen, 5th Grade Math, Middle School E.A. lanette.nguyen@stanns-school.org
Ms. Danielle Shumate-Olson, 4K E.A. danielle.shumate@stanns-school.org
Mr. Greg Pigarelli, Food Services Director greg.pigarelli@stanns-school.org
Mrs. Rustie Prechel, 3rd Grade rustie.prechel@stanns-school.org
Mrs. Diana Probst, 3rd Grade E.A., Recess  
Mr. Gary Quam, Maintenance, Custodial gary.quam@stanns-school.org
Mrs. KeriAnn Rubin, 7th Grade Homeroom, Middle School, Grades 6-8 Technology keriann.rubin@stanns-school.org
Mrs. Aimee Stano, 4th Grade aimee.stano@stanns-school.org
Mrs. Trudy Stensaas, Extended Care Director, Food Services Assistant trudy.stensaas@stanns-school.org
Mrs. Tonya Talbert, 8th Grade Homeroom, Middle School tonya.talbert@stanns-school.org
Mrs. Karin Yelk, Educational Assistant, Extended Care Assistant karin.yelk@stanns-school.org
Parish Staff:  
Rev. Randy Budnar, Pastor  randy.budnar@stanns-school.org
Mr. Joe Donlin, Parish Accountant   joe.donlin@stanns-school.org
Mrs. Tamarah Fleres, Parish Secretary tamarah.fleres@stanns-school.org
Mrs. Shaun Kleitsch Ministry Coordinator shaun.kleitsch@stanns-school.org
Mrs. Kathy Smiley, Liturgy and Music Director  kathy.smiley@stanns-school.org
Mrs. Cathie Truehl, 7-12 Religious Education Coordinator cathie.truehl@stanns-school.org






324 N. Harrison St., Stoughton, WI 53589 | 608-873-3343